Accessories and Components


A wide range of decorative profiles, LED bars… in aluminum. Standard and customized for industry and decoration, allowing everyone to create their own project with a unique design.

  • Profils LED
  • Ins
  • Profiles for LED
  • FBS metal profiles for doors
  • Other decorative profiles…

Flexible Mouldings

Flexible mouldings are flexible decorative mouldings made of a poly-plastic resin molded from real wood. This product exists in 2 finishing’s according to the profiles: to be painted (smooth surface) or textured (with the grain).

ABS frames for glass doors

These frames are designed for the most common postformed door ranges. Thanks to their clip-on system they are easy to use and can be lacquered.

Honeycomb Paper

Hexagonal in shape, strong and light, honeycomb paper is widely used as a material for the manufacture of interior doors. It is made of 100% recycled paper.


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